I run MythTV. I run Cacti. I decided to put them together and graph information about my MythTV installation.





Download the mythtv xml parser for cacti. Install this file in your cacti scripts dir. On my debian system this was /usr/share/cacti/site/scripts/. Maybe try locate site/scripts to find the directory.

Import the template file using the Import Templates link on the left side. This should be the result:

Go to Data Templates. Edit the MySQL Count template and add all of the Associated RRA's. Click Save. Do this for MythTV Status as well.

Create the required Data Sources. You need a MythTV Status and 2 MySQL Counts per MythTV server you are monitoring.
Here is the MythTV Status:

For the MySQL Count data sources you need a read only user that can do a select on the recorded and oldrecorded tables of your mythtv database. This can be accomplished with a pair of grants:

Create the recorded mysql count.

Create the oldrecorded mysql count.

Create the graphs in the Graph Managment section.

Also add a MythTV Transcoding Jobs graph using the MythTV Status (transcode) data source.


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